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Collection services / Claims management
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Collection services / Claims management  

Your company’s liquidity has to be ensured, especially if it is in jeopardy; unfortunately, based on recent experience, payment behavior has proven poor in many areas. The economic crisis has contributed to the fact that many debtors are increasingly faced with short-term or even long-term financial bottlenecks.  Even small unpaid claims should not be neglected. These are often treated as minor cases while simply ignoring the dangers here: In Germany, untitled claims expire after a period of three years if they have not been addressed.

We would be happy to provide discreet consultation regarding a simple straightforward claims management plan and assist you in collecting your receivables. We act on a nationwide basis and facilitate professional claims management in a cost-efficient manner. We represent our clients for any undisputed transferred claims and for confiscation of assets.

If necessary, we also act as trustees, which has the added plus that our clients remain outside the focus of attention and thus retain their integrity toward their business partners/debtors.

We are a young team whose main focus is on offering excellent customer service to our clients and retrieving your receivables in a professional way. We take time for you and provide discreet and accurate consultation. We also offer outsourcing/legal dunning services and will be happy to make you an individual offer tailored to your needs.

In case our extra-judicial attempts to contact your debtors should prove effectless, we may also represent you using the following measures, which spares us the necessity to hire a lawyer:

1. Requesting court orders and enforcement notices resulting from court procedures.

2. Executing requests for assets, including the procedure for the acceptance of the declaration in lieu of oath and obtaining an arrest warrant.

Only in cases where a claim is denied by the debtor do we hand it over to our specialized contract attorneys.

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